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Benvenuti a “360 Gradi”

We chose “360 Gradi” as our restaurant’s name because it represents the all-round characteristic of a traditional pizza, which many people consider as a complete meal. Its round shape also represents 360 degrees. Traditional pizza makers or pizzaiolos cook pizzas in a 360-degree oven.

The Primi

The pasta you find at 360 Gradi is cooked “al dente” to hold the consistency and flavour of the typical authentic Italian pasta. The sauces are carefully blended to represent the traditional Italian flavours: simple and fresh. Our gnocchi is freshly made at home using time-honoured methodology.

The Pizza

The dough for the pizza is homemade with the best flour imported from Italy and let to rest for a minimum of 24 hours. The experience and skills of our pizza chef make the dough light and flavoursome.

Cooked in the traditional pizza oven at high temperatures, a "360 Gradi" pizza comes out crispy and delicious. Our chefs only use high-quality ingredients to maintain the flavours of the classic Italian pizza.

The Ingredients

Many of the ingredients at “360 Gradi” are imported from Italy. The tomato sauce is made from Italian S. Marzano tomatoes. The mozzarella is made locally, strictly following the traditional Italian recipe.

The Prosciutto Crudo comes from S. Daniele, seasoned for a minimum of 24 months and freshly shaved on-demand and in-house. The Bresaola is imported from Valtellina, also shaved in-house.

The Grana Padano comes from Pianura Padana and is seasoned for a minimum of 9 months. Asiago Cheese comes from the Altopiano di Asiago, Veneto and the Gorgonzola cheese comes from Gorgonzola, Milan.

All other ingredients are carefully selected by our chefs from one of the best local and international producers to capture seasonal and unique flavours.

All our vegetables are also fresh and chosen from local producers on a daily basis.

The Philosophy

Here at 360 Gradi, we aim to offer the real Italian experience, recreating flavours of Italy using only the best ingredients we can get in Australia, without compromising quality.

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